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deleteVehicle object

Operand types:

object: Object

Type of returned value:



Added in version 1.34


Delete any unit or vehicle.

Only vehicles inserted in editor or created during mission can be deleted.

Player unit cannot be deleted.


deleteVehicle tankOne


  • Since this function will not delete a player unit, a useful multiplayer application is the removal of AI created by players leaving the game. If you run deleteVehicle for every playable soldier, the AI units will be removed.
  • If unit1 is a living unit that is currently located inside a vehicle then
deleteVehicle unit1

will result in some very strange, and unwelcome, things happening. A safe way to delete unit1 if it is, or might be, inside a vehicle is:

unassignVehicle unit1
unit1 setPos [0,0,0]
deleteVehicle unit1
  • You need have no concern over attempting to access deleted units in subsequent scripts.

The line below works just fine for units that have been deleted.

if (alive unit1) then {hint"He is alive"} else {hint"Oh no he's not"}