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|game1= arma3 |Game name=
|game1= arma3
|version1= 2.00 |Game version=
|version1= 2.00
|eff= local |Multiplayer Effects ("local" or "global")=
|eff= local
|gr1= Diagnosis |GROUP1=
|gr1= Diagnosis
|gr2= Event Handlers |GROUP2=
|gr2= Event Handlers
|descr= Returns an array with all [[addMissionEventHandler|mission event handlers]]. |Description=
|descr= Returns an array with all [[addMissionEventHandler|mission event handlers]].
|s1= [[diag_allMissionEventHandlers]] |Syntax=
|s1= [[diag_allMissionEventHandlers]]
|r1= [[Array]] - in format ["EH1name", EH1count, ...] |Return Value=
|r1= [[Array]] - in format ["EH1name", EH1count, ...]
|x1= <code>[[diag_allMissionEventHandlers]];
|x1= <code>[[diag_allMissionEventHandlers]];
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<nowiki/>*/}}</code> |Example 1=
|seealso= [[addMissionEventHandler]] [[Arma 3: Event Handlers/addMissionEventHandler|Mission EHs]] |See Also=
|seealso= [[addMissionEventHandler]] [[Arma 3: Event Handlers/addMissionEventHandler|Mission EHs]]

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Returns an array with all mission event handlers.
DiagnosisEvent Handlers


Return Value:
Array - in format ["EH1name", EH1count, ...]


Example 1:
diag_allMissionEventHandlers; /* returns: [ "Ended",0, "SelectedActionPerformed",0, "SelectedRotorLibActionPerformed",0, "SelectedActionChanged",0, "SelectedRotorLibActionChanged",0, "ControlsShifted",0, "Draw3D",1, "Loaded",0, "HandleDisconnect",0, "EntityRespawned",0, "EntityKilled",0, "MapSingleClick",0, "HCGroupSelectionChanged",0, "CommandModeChanged",0, "PlayerConnected",0, "PlayerDisconnected",0, "TeamSwitch",0, "GroupIconClick",0, "GroupIconOverEnter",0, "GroupIconOverLeave",0, "EachFrame",0, "PreloadStarted",0, "PreloadFinished",0, "Map",0, "PlayerViewChanged",0, "BuildingChanged",0, "MPEnded",0, "HandleAccTime",0, "ExtensionCallback",0 ] */

Additional Information

See also:
addMissionEventHandler Mission EHs


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