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This command starts counting frames from the moment it is executed and when the count reaches the number passed as param, the current frame is captured and captured data UI dialog appears, similar to diag_captureSlowFrame.
This can also be executed on a dedicated Server and because a Server has no UI it will behave like diag_captureFrameToFile.
Special: BattlEye's RCON variant of this command is #captureFrame
Note: Only available in specific builds. See Performance Profiling for details.
DiagnosisPerformance Logging


diag_captureFrame frame
frame: Number - next n-th frame to be captured
Return Value:


Example 1:
diag_captureFrame 1; //capture the first frame after command execution
Example 2:
diag_captureFrame 24; //capture 24th frame after command execution

Additional Information

See also:
Performance Profilingdiag_captureSlowFramediag_logSlowFramelogEntitiesexportJIPMessagesdiag_captureFrameToFile


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