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| [[exitWith]], [[diag_fps]], [[diag_fpsMin]], [[diag_frameNo]], [[diag_log]], [[diag_tickTime]], [[diag_deltaTime]]
| [[exitWith]], [[diag_fps]], [[diag_fpsMin]], [[diag_frameNo]], [[diag_log]], [[diag_tickTime]], [[diag_deltaTime]]

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-wrong parameter ("arma3dev") defined!-[[:Category:Introduced with arma3dev version 2.01|2.01]]
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Returns script scope depth. When script is directly executed by the engine or a new script is added to the scheduler, the scope depth is 0. The examples of such execution are event handlers, spawn, etc. isNil Code will also create a parent scope. Any use of call and such will stack execution creating child scopes and increasing scope depth.
DiagnosisPerformance Logging


Return Value:


Example 1:
[] spawn { systemChat str diag_scope; // 0 call { call { systemChat str diag_scope; // 2 isNil { systemChat str diag_scope; // 0 call { systemChat str diag_scope; // 1 }; }; }; }; };

Additional Information

See also:
exitWithdiag fpsdiag fpsMindiag frameNodiag logdiag tickTimediag deltaTime


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[[Category:Introduced with arma3dev version 2.01]][[ Category: arma3dev: New Scripting Commands | DIAG SCOPE]][[ Category: arma3dev: Scripting Commands | DIAG SCOPE]]