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| arma3
|game1= arma3
|version1= 2.00
| 2.00
|gr1= Briefing
|gr1= Briefing
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|gr2= Variables
|gr2= Variables
| A non-existent [[Diary Record]]. To compare non-existent objects use [[isNull]] or [[isEqualTo]]:
|descr= A non-existent [[Diary Record]]. To compare non-existent objects use [[isNull]] or [[isEqualTo]]:
* <tt>[[diaryRecordNull]] {{=}}{{=}} [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|false}}</tt>
* {{hl|c= [[diaryRecordNull]] {{=}}{{=}} [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|false}}}}
* <tt>[[isNull]] [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|true}}</tt>
* {{hl|[[isNull]] [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|true}}}}
* <tt>[[diaryRecordNull]] [[isEqualTo]] [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|true}}</tt>
* {{hl|[[diaryRecordNull]] [[isEqualTo]] [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|true}}}}
| [[diaryRecordNull]]
|s1= [[diaryRecordNull]]
| [[Diary Record]]
|r1= [[Diary Record]]
|x1= <code>[[isNull]] [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|true}}</code>
|x1= <code>[[isNull]] [[diaryRecordNull]]; {{cc|true}}</code>
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[[if]] ([[not]] [[isNull]] _diaryRecord) [[then]] { [[hint]] "Diary record added."; };</code>
[[if]] ([[not]] [[isNull]] _diaryRecord) [[then]] { [[hint]] "Diary record added."; };</code>
| [[objNull]], [[controlNull]], [[displayNull]], [[grpNull]], [[locationNull]], [[taskNull]], [[teamMemberNull]], [[scriptNull]], [[configNull]], [[typeName]], [[isNull]]
|seealso= [[objNull]] [[controlNull]] [[displayNull]] [[grpNull]] [[locationNull]] [[taskNull]] [[teamMemberNull]] [[scriptNull]] [[configNull]] [[typeName]] [[isNull]]
<dl class="command_description">

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A non-existent Diary Record. To compare non-existent objects use isNull or isEqualTo:


Return Value:
Diary Record


Example 1:
isNull diaryRecordNull; // true
Example 2:
isNull (objNull createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Title", "Text"]]); // true - objNull cannot take diary records
Example 3:
str diaryRecordNull; // "No diary record"
Example 4:
private _diaryRecord = diaryRecordNull; if (damage player > 0.5) then { _diaryRecord = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Heal yourself", "Ask a medic"]]; }; if (not isNull _diaryRecord) then { hint "Diary record added."; };

Additional Information

See also:
objNull controlNull displayNull grpNull locationNull taskNull teamMemberNull scriptNull configNull typeName isNull


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