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| arma3
|game1= arma3
|version1= 0.50
|arg= local
|arg= local
|eff= global
|eff= global
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|gr1= Stamina System
|gr1= Stamina System
| Enables/Disables the person's fatigue.
|descr= Enables/Disables the person's fatigue.
|s1= unit '''enableFatigue''' enable
|s1= unit [[enableFatigue]] enable
|p1= unit: [[Object]]
|p1= unit: [[Object]]
Line 18: Line 18:
|r1= [[Nothing]]
|r1= [[Nothing]]
|x1= <code>[[player]] [[enableFatigue]] [[false]];</code>
|x1= <sqf>player enableFatigue false;</sqf>
|x2= <code>{ _x [[enableFatigue]] [[false]]; } [[forEach]] ([[units]] [[group]] [[player]]);</code>
|x2= <sqf>{ _x enableFatigue false; } forEach (units group player);</sqf>
|seealso= [[getFatigue]], [[setFatigue]]
|seealso= [[getFatigue]] [[setFatigue]]

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Enables/Disables the person's fatigue.
Stamina System


unit enableFatigue enable
unit: Object
enable: Boolean
Return Value:


Example 1:
Example 2:

Additional Information

See also:
getFatigue setFatigue


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Posted on March 24, 2015 - 16:30 (UTC)
When the player dies enableFatigue is set to true after the respawn
Posted on January 27, 2016 - 19:17 (UTC)
Pierre MGI
To precise the note of Harmdhast, this command is not persistent (after respawn). So, in MP, you'll have to enableFatigue false, also in onPlayerRespawn.sqf or through the MP eventHandler MPRespawn.