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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.82

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Introduced in

Arma 3


Searches for an element within array for which the code evaluates to true. Returns the zero-based index on success or -1 if not found. Code on the right side of the command is evaluated for each element of the array, processed element can be referenced in code as _x.
findIf terminates as soon as it finds an element that fulfills the condition, thus it is more efficient than count in scenarios where you need to check for presence / absence of at least one element that evaluates to true.


array findIf code
array: Array - array to search in
code: Code - code defining an element to find, processed element can be referenced within the code as _x
Return Value:
Number - Zero-based position of the first array element for which the code evaluate to true, -1 if not found


Example 1:
[unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf {not alive _x}; // return index of the first dead unit)
Example 2:
// two ways how to 'wait for all units to be dead': waitUntil { [unit1, unit2, unit3] findIf {alive _x} == -1 }; // fast, terminates as soon as it finds a living unit waitUntil { {alive _x} count [unit1, unit2, unit3] == 0 }; // slow, always goes through all array elements

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See also:
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