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<dt class="note">'''[[User:Mr.g-c|Mr.g-c]]'''</dt>
<dt class="note">'''[[User:Mr.g-c|Mr.g-c]]'''</dt>
<dd class="note">In Arma2 AI will automatically shoot straight up. Command seems to be broken.</dd>
<dd class="note">In Arma2 AI will automatically shoot straight up. Command seems to be broken.</dd>
<dd class="notedate">Posted on July 13, 2010</dd>
<dt class="note">'''[[User:Disat|Disat]]'''</dt>
<dd class="note">The VBS2 variant of this command (see [[fire (VBS2)]]) has an optional 4th parameter, containing the ASL position of the target.  That fixes the problem with the AI shooting into the air.</dd>
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Introduced with Operation Flashpoint version 1.00
  Arguments of this scripting command don't have to be local to the client the command is executed onEffects of this scripting command are broadcasted over the network and happen on every computer in the network

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Introduced in

Operation Flashpoint


Forces a unit to fire the given weapon.


unit fire weaponName
unit: Object - unit that's supposed to fire
weaponName: String - name of the weapon to be fired
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

unit fire [muzzle, mode, magazine]
unit: Object
[muzzle, mode, magazine]: Array
muzzle: String
mode: String
magazine: String (Optional)
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldier fire "M16"
Example 2:
_soldier fire ["throw","SmokeShell","SmokeShell"]

Additional Information

See also:
doFirecommandFireaction ["UseWeapon"]fire (VBS2)Category:Weapons


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To place a satchel (pipebomb) the syntax is:
OFP: unitname Fire ["put", "pipebomb"]
ArmA: unitname Fire ["pipebombmuzzle", "pipebombmuzzle", "pipebomb"];
The triggering is done via a "TOUCHOFF" action.
Posted on February 2, 2007
In OFP v1.96, when a man class unit is given this command, he will aim up in the air before firing his weapon. This makes it rather useless if you want to make him shoot a target. It does work with vehicles, when the vehicle is first given a doWatch or doTarget command.
Posted on January 20, 2007
In ArmA v1.02, this command is not working with weapons in the secondary turrets (like "DSHKM" in t72)
Posted on August 17, 2006
Sometimes AI won't shoot when you use this command. It can be fixed by placing selectWeapon command before it.
Posted on March 18, 2010
In Arma2 AI will automatically shoot straight up. Command seems to be broken.

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