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|r1= [[Number]] - repair cargo value, -1 if repair cargo is not supported, 0 if the vehicle is ![[alive]] or [[isNull]]
|r1= [[Number]] - repair cargo value, -1 if repair cargo is not supported, 0 if the vehicle is ![[alive]] or [[isNull]]
|x1= <code>value = getRepairCargo vehicleName;</code>
|x1= <sqf>value = getRepairCargo vehicleName;</sqf>
|seealso= [[setRepairCargo]] [[getAmmoCargo]] [[getFuelCargo]]
|seealso= [[setRepairCargo]] [[getAmmoCargo]] [[getFuelCargo]]
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<dd class="notedate">Posted on December 22, 2014 - 17:17 (UTC)</dd>
<dd class="notedate">Posted on 2014-12-22 - 17:17 (UTC)</dd>
<dt class="note">[[User:AgentRevolution|AgentRev]]</dt>
<dt class="note">[[User:AgentRevolution|AgentRev]]</dt>
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<dd class="note">

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Returns the amount (1 is full) of repair resources in the cargo space of a repair vehicle.
Since Arma 3 v1.96 the return value for vehicles that are not configured to have ability to repair other vehicles is -1. (Prior to that the value was negative infinity)
Vehicle Inventory


getRepairCargo vehicle
vehicle: Object
Return Value:
Number - repair cargo value, -1 if repair cargo is not supported, 0 if the vehicle is !alive or isNull


Example 1:
value = getRepairCargo vehicleName;

Additional Information

See also:
setRepairCargo getAmmoCargo getFuelCargo


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Posted on 2014-12-22 - 17:17 (UTC)
Prior to Arma 3 v1.94 If the vehicle is not alive, it always returns Nothing, which you should check for using isNil.
If the vehicle is unable to carry that type of cargo, it returns -1.#IND, which you should check for using finite or < 0.
Posted on Apr 24, 2022 - 06:13 (UTC)
The repair cargo does actually reduce when a repair truck repairs something, however, the default cargo amount of 1 is so high it is functionally infinite. It's inconceivable that you would drain the pool. You would need to set the cargo to 10^-5 or 10^-6 (0.000001 or 0.0000001) before it is low enough to "realistically" run out given how physically large the storage pods on the trucks are