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[[Category:Scripting Commands|H]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands|HINT]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|H]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|HINT]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.46|H]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.46|HINT]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|H]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|HINT]]

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hint text

Operand types:

text: String

Type of returned value:



Show hint text.

Text can contain several lines.

An \n is used to indicate a new line.


hint "Press W to move forward"

hint "Press W to move forward. \nPress S to move backwards. \nUse the mouse to turn right or left."