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|game1= arma3 |version1= 1.58

|gr1= Triggers

|gr2= Markers

|gr3= Locations

|gr4= Positions

|descr= Checks whether given position or object is inside given area. Use inAreaArray to check multiple positions/objects within area.

This command also supports hexagon area which can be created from ellipse when both a and b are negative. Hexagon ellipses are also supported by both marker creation and drawEllipse.

|s1= position inArea area

|p1= position: Object or Array in format Position2D or Position3D

|p2= area: Object, String, Location

|r1= Boolean

|s2= position inArea [center, a, b, angle, isRectangle, c]

|p21= position: Object or Array in format Position2D or Position3D

|p22= center: Array or Object - center of the area in format Position2D, Position3D, Object or Group

|p23= a: Number - x axis (x / 2)

|p24= b: Number - y axis (y / 2)

|p25= angle: Number - rotation angle

|p26= isRectangle: Boolean - true if rectangle, false if ellipse

|p27= c: Number - (Optional, default -1 (unlimited)) z axis (z / 2) |p27since= arma3 1.60

|r2= Boolean


_playerIsInside = player inArea _myTrigger;

|x2= _positionIsInside = _myPosition inArea [[100, 100, 0], 20, 30, 45, false];

|seealso= inAreaArray triggerArea in inPolygon drawEllipse drawRectangle createTrigger createMarker createLocation }}