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Introduced with Arma 2 version 1.00

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Introduced in

Arma 2


Checks given position against given filter params. Filter includes checks for:
  • If there are any objects closer than given distance from given position (in 2D)
  • If the area around position is flat enough to match given gradient
  • If the given position is over water or land
  • If the given position is over shore line
The gradient seems to correlate with general hill steepness: 0.1 (10%) ~6o, 0.5 (50%) ~27o, 1.0 (100%) ~45o, etc.There are also some oddities about this command that need to be noted:
  • Objects accounted for proximity check seem to be static objects. Nearby vehicles and units do not seem to affect the output
  • Given position will be magically transferred into given position + getTerrainHeightASL value
  • The second element must be -1 (<= 0 really) at all times, otherwise command becomes unusable
  • The command might be a bit heavy on computations so avoid frequent and large area checks


position isFlatEmpty [minDistance, -1, maxGradient, maxGradientRadius, overLandOrWater, shoreLine, ignoreObject]
position: Array - position in format PositionAGL
[minDistance, -1, maxGradient, maxGradientRadius, overLandOrWater, shoreLine, ignoreObject]: Array
minDistance (Optional): Number - Objects within 50m cannot be closer than minDistance. -1 to ignore proximity check. Default: -1
-1 (Optional): Number - Position check mode (DON'T CHANGE). Default -1
maxGradient (Optional): Number - Maximum terrain steepness allowed. -1 to ignore. Default: -1
maxGradientRadius (Optional): Number - How far to extend gradient check. Default: 1
overLandOrWater (Optional): Number - 0: position cannot be over water; 2: position cannot be over land. -1 to ignore. Default: 0
shoreLine (Optional): Boolean - true: position is over shoreline (< ~25 m from water). false to ignore. Default: false
ignoreObject (Optional): Object - Object to ignore in proximity checks. objNull to ignore. Default: objNull
Return Value:
Array - Empty array [] if check failed or PositionASL if succeded. Resulting position will be original PositionAGL + getTerrainHeightASL


Example 1:
Check if player position is over land:_overLand = !(position player isFlatEmpty [-1, -1, -1, 1, 0, false] isEqualTo []);
Example 2:
Check if player position is over shore line:_overShore = !(position player isFlatEmpty [-1, -1, -1, 1, 0, true] isEqualTo []);
Example 3:
Check if player position is over water:_overWater = !(position player isFlatEmpty [-1, -1, -1, 1, 2, false] isEqualTo []);
Example 4:
Check if no object is closer than 5m to player position:_isEmpty = !(position player isFlatEmpty [5, -1, -1, 1, 1, false, player] isEqualTo []);
Example 5:
Check if area 10m around player position is relatively flat:_isFlat = !(position player isFlatEmpty [-1, -1, 0.3, 10, 1] isEqualTo []);
Example 6:
Check if area 15m around player position is very flat and empty:_isFlatEmpty = !(position player isFlatEmpty [15, -1, 0.1, 15, 1, false, player] isEqualTo []);

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