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|p1= [controlOrIDC, column]: [[Array]]
|p1= [controlOrIDC, column]: [[Array]]
|p2=  controlOrIDC: [[Control]] or [[Number]] - the listNBox control or its IDC
|p2=  controlOrIDC: [[Control]] or [[Number]] - the ListNBox control or its IDC
|p3=  column: [[Number]] - column to sort (starts with 0)
|p3=  column: [[Number]] - column to sort (starts with 0)

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Description needed
GUI Control - ListNBox


Syntax needed
[controlOrIDC, column]: Array
controlOrIDC: Control or Number - the ListNBox control or its IDC
column: Number - column to sort (starts with 0)
[sortByType, reversedOrder, caseSensitive]: Array
sortByType (Optional): String - one of "TEXT", "VALUE" or "DATA". Default: "TEXT"
reversedOrder (Optional): Boolean - true for sorting in reversed order. Default: false
caseSensitive (Optional): Boolean - true for using case-sensitive comparison. Default: false
Return Value:
Return value needed


Example 1:
with uiNamespace do { private _column = 1; lnb = findDisplay 46 createDisplay "RscDisplayEmpty" ctrlCreate ["RscListNBox", -1]; lnb ctrlSetPosition [0,0,1,1]; lnb ctrlCommit 0; lnbClear lb; { lnb lnbAddRow [format ["Row %1", _forEachIndex], _x select 0]; lnb lnbSetValue [[_forEachIndex, _column], _x select 1]; } forEach [["В",1],["Я",0],["Б",1],["Ю",0],["А",1]]; [lnb, _column] lnbSortBy ["VALUE", true, false]; };

Additional Information

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