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Returns an array of strings with description of all vehicle's magazines, their ammo count (current/default) and their ids for the primary gunner. When applied to a unit (soldier), the command behaves differently and will omit magazines already loaded into unit's weapons. Use currentMagazineDetail to get this information for a currently loaded magazine.
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magazinesDetail vehicle
vehicle: Object - unit or vehicle
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

magazinesDetail [vehicle, includeEmpty, includeLoaded]
vehicle: Object - unit or vehicle
includeEmpty: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to include empty magazines
includeLoaded: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to include magazines loaded in weapons (Since Arma 3 v2.07.148195)
Return Value:


Example 1:
_magazinesDetail = magazinesDetail player; /* [ "6.5 mm 30Rnd Sand Mag(30/30)[id/cr:10000003/0]", "Chemlight (Green)(1/1)[id/cr:10000020/0]", "6.5 mm 30Rnd Sand Mag(30/30)[id/cr:10000012/0]", "RGO Grenade(1/1)[id/cr:10000016/0]", "RGO Grenade(1/1)[id/cr:10000017/0]", "6.5 mm 30Rnd Sand Mag(30/30)[id/cr:10000070/0]", "PCML Missile(1/1)[id/cr:10000072/0]", "6.5 mm 30Rnd Sand Mag(30/30)[id/cr:10000001/0]", "9 mm 16Rnd Mag(16/16)[id/cr:10000013/0]" ] */
Example 2:
_magazinesDetail = magazinesDetail Mi_48; /* [ "30 mm HE Tracer (Green) Shells(250/250)[id/cr:10000043/0]", "30 mm APDS Tracer (Green) Shells(250/250)[id/cr:10000044/0]", "Designator Batteries(1/1)[id/cr:10000045/0]", "Scalpel 4x(4/4)[id/cr:10000049/0]", "Skyfire 19x(19/19)[id/cr:10000051/0]", "Skyfire 19x(19/19)[id/cr:10000052/0]", "Scalpel 4x(4/4)[id/cr:10000053/0]" ] */

Additional Information

See also:
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Posted on Sep 12, 2021 - 22:06 (UTC)
To return the ammo count in each magazine, you can use this code: magazinesDetail player apply { private _reverse = reverse _x; private_i1 = (_reverse find "[)") + 1; private_i2 = (_reverse find ["/", _id1]) + 1; private_i3 = _reverse find ["(", _id2]; parseNumber reverse (_reverse select [_i2, _i3 - _i2]); // return cnt };