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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.621.62
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Returns list of mod parameters according to given options, values are in same order as the given options. Available options:
  • "name": String - name to be shown (Arma 3 instead of A3, etc.)
  • "picture": String - picture shown in Mod Launcher
  • "logo": String - logo to be shown in Main Menu
  • "logoOver": String - logo to be shown in Main Menu when mouse is over
  • "logoSmall": String - small version of logo, prepared for drawing small icons
  • "tooltip": String - tooltip to be shown on mouse over
  • "tooltipOwned": String - tooltip to be shown on mouse over the icon when DLC is owned by player
  • "action": String - url to be triggered when mod button is clicked
  • "actionName": String - what to put on Action Button
  • "overview": String - overview text visible in expansion menu
  • "hidePicture": Boolean - do not show mod picture icon in the main menu mod list
  • "hideName": Boolean - do not show mod name in the main menu mod list
  • "defaultMod": Boolean - default mods cannot be moved or disabled by Mod Launcher
  • "serverOnly": Boolean - mod doesn't have to be installed on client in order to play on server with this mod running
  • "active": Boolean - active mod (activated through command line or stored in profile by mod launcher)
NOTE that this command doesn't actually tell you if the mod is running for real or pretend to be running.


modParams [modClass, options]
[modClass, options]: Array
modClass: String - class name of the mod
options: Array - see description
Return Value:
Array - retrieved requested data on success or empty array []


Example 1:
_data = modParams ["Kart", ["name", "logo", "picture"]];

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Posted on April 24, 2017 - 21:25 (UTC)
Killzone Kid
This command used to spam .rpt when queried mod didn't exist, making it little awkward to use for testing if mod is active. For example: _superDuperModEnabled = modParams ["super_duper", ["active"]] param [0, false]; Since v1.69 the command would fail silently if mod doesn't exist.