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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.621.62
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Returns list of mod parameters according to given options, values are in same order as the given options. Available options:
  • "name": String - name to be shown (Arma 3 instead of A3, etc.)
  • "picture": String - picture shown in Mod Launcher
  • "logo": String - logo to be shown in Main Menu
  • "logoOver": String - logo to be shown in Main Menu when mouse is over
  • "logoSmall": String - small version of logo, prepared for drawing small icons
  • "tooltip": String - tooltip to be shown on mouse over
  • "tooltipOwned": String - tooltip to be shown on mouse over the icon when DLC is owned by player
  • "action": String - url to be triggered when mod button is clicked
  • "actionName": String - what to put on Action Button
  • "overview": String - overview text visible in expansion menu
  • "hidePicture": Boolean - do not show mod picture icon in the main menu mod list
  • "hideName": Boolean - do not show mod name in the main menu mod list
  • "defaultMod": Boolean - default mods cannot be moved or disabled by Mod Launcher
  • "serverOnly": Boolean - mod doesn't have to be installed on client in order to play on server with this mod running
  • "active": Boolean - active mod (activated through command line or stored in profile by mod launcher)


modParams [modClass, options]
[modClass, options]: Array
modClass: String - class name of the mod
options: Array - see description
Return Value:
Array - retrieved requested data on success or empty array []


Example 1:
_data = modParams ["Kart", ["name", "logo", "picture"]];

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