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Posted on 8 July, 2009
General Barron
See my Multiple OnMapSingleClick script to allow you to add multiple events to the onMapSingleClick event. Some minor editing of the scripts would be required to use them in Arma.


Posted on March 16, 2013 - 12:33
onMapSingleClick have some problem to run execVM command. The problem coused by the execVM itself, but there is a way to fix it. Here you can see two example. Not working: onMapSingleClick "if (_alt) then {[_shift,_alt,_pos] execVM 'arty_menu.sqf'};"; Working: onMapSingleClick "if (_alt) then {_a = [_shift, _alt, _pos] execVM 'arty_menu.sqf'; };"; Difference: _a = [_shift, _alt, _pos] execVM 'arty_menu.sqf'; //You can create it in and outside of the onMapSingleClick scope. The difference is that if you want to use execVM in that scope, then you need to add it to a variable (global and local both work). This is an execVM issue, not an exec one. With *.SQS files it's working without any problem.