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Description needed
The statement is executed only on the server, not on the joining player's computer, nor on any other client.
This happens even if onPlayerConnected was issued on all machines.
Note that there is a player with the _name called __SERVER__ which will also connect to a multiplayer game, executing code.
MultiplayerEvent Handlers


Syntax needed
code: String or Code
Return Value:
Return value needed


Example 1:
onPlayerConnected "[_id, _name] execVM ""PlayerConnected.sqf""";
Example 2:
onPlayerConnected { diag_log [_id, _uid, _name] };
Example 3:
From Arma 3 v1.49: onPlayerConnected { somevar = random 123; _owner publicVariableClient "somevar"; // this will set somevar // joining player PC to a random value };
Example 4:
From Arma 3 v1.49: onPlayerConnected { isJip = _jip; _owner publicVariableClient "isJip" }; // Each player will now have variable isJip containing individual JIP info

Additional Information

See also:
See also needed


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