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|game1= arma3
|game1= arma3
|version= 2.00
|version1= 2.00
|gr1= Object Manipulation
|gr1= Object Manipulation
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|seealso= [[elevatePeriscope]], [[animationPhase]], [[allTurrets]], [[Arma 3: Event Handlers#PeriscopeElevationChanged|PeriscopeElevationChanged]]
|seealso= [[elevatePeriscope]], [[animationPhase]], [[allTurrets]], [[Arma 3: Event Handlers#PeriscopeElevationChanged|PeriscopeElevationChanged]]
<dl class="command_description">
<!-- BEGIN Note Section -->
<!-- END Note Section -->
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Returns current periscope elevation value, see also elevatePeriscope.


vehicle periscopeElevation turretPath
vehicle: Object - vehicle with periscope tech
turretPath: Array - turret path
Return Value:
Array - in format [elevation, locked], where:
  • elevation: Number - current periscope elevation value. -1 in case of an invalid turret
  • locked: Boolean - whether or not user override is blocked


Example 1:
_eddie periscopeElevation [0];

Additional Information

See also:
Object ManipulationAnimations


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