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Introduced with Operation Flashpoint version 1.001.00
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A person object controlled by user. In Intros and Outros this isn't set by default and must be assigned.

In MP player is different on each computer and on dedicated server it is objNull. When user is joining dedicated server, at the moment of onPlayerConnected the player object is remote to the joining client, as the player unit is created on the server, but once control of the unit is passed to the user moments later, the player objects becomes local to the client and stays local.

See Multiplayer Scripting's player topic for additional helpful information.
In MP the command is not initialised in functions called by initline or init eventhandlers.


Return Value:


Example 1:
player addRating 500;

Additional Information

See also:
Multiplayer ScriptingisPlayerplayableUnitsselectPlayer


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Posted on 20 Jul, 2010
Before you use the player object (usually to avoid JIP issues) all you need is to run:
waitUntil { not isNull player }; Anything else you see in other scripts is equivalent and/or redundant. Of course JIP players may need more than just the player to point at the actual JIP player unit, but that's script/mission-specific.
Posted on 27 Jan, 2008
isNull player is true for JIP players on their client during initialization.
After initialization, it will be set, making it valid again.

To cater for this, some people use code similar to the following in their spawned scripts: if (!isServer && (player != player)) then { waitUntil { player == player }; waitUntil { time > 10 }; }; // 'player' will now be valid _action = player addAction ["heal", "heal.sqf", [], -1, false, false, ""];
Posted on June 26, 2014 - 18:49 (UTC)
Killzone Kid
player can actually be REMOTE object on player's PC:

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