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|game1= arma3
|game1= arma3
|version1= 2.00
|version= 2.00
|gr1= Radio and Chat
|gr1= Radio and Chat
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|descr= Obtains custom radio channel's details, set by [[radioChannelCreate]].
|descr= Obtains custom radio channel's details, set by [[radioChannelCreate]].
|mp= |Multiplayer Behaviour=
|pr= |Problems=
|s1= [[radioChannelInfo]] customChannelID
|s1= [[radioChannelInfo]] customChannelID
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|seealso= [[radioChannelCreate]] [[getPlayerChannel]]
|seealso= [[radioChannelCreate]] [[getPlayerChannel]]
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Obtains custom radio channel's details, set by radioChannelCreate.


radioChannelInfo customChannelID
customChannelID: Number - custom channel ID returned by radioChannelCreate
Return Value:
Array to format [colour, label, callSign, units, sentenceType, exists] (see radioChannelCreate)


Example 1:
private _channelID = radioChannelCreate [[1, 0, 0.5, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [u1, u2], false]; radioChannelInfo _channelID; // returns [[1,0,0.5,0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [u1, u2], false, true]

Additional Information

See also:
radioChannelCreate getPlayerChannel
Radio and ChatCustom Radio and Chat


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