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[[Category:Scripting Commands|R]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands|RANDOM]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|R]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|RANDOM]]
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[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.46|RANDOM]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|R]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|RANDOM]]

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random x

Operand types:

x: Number

Type of returned value:



Random real value from 0 to x.


_rNumber = random 1


Be careful using random numbers in multiplayer, each client will come up with something different.

See multiplayer tutorials for more general information about locality.

The number returned is unlikely to be a whole number (e.g. 1, 4, 76, etc.).

To return a whole number combine random and mod.