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|game1= arma3dev
|game1= arma3dev
|version1= 2.05
|version1= 2.05

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-wrong parameter ("arma3dev") defined!-[[:Category:Introduced with arma3dev version 2.05|2.05]]
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Offsets are relative to haystack start, ignoring the provided startOffset. startOffset being <0 or >= count hayStack will trigger a script error and return empty array
Regular Expression (Regex)


haystack regexFind [pattern, startOffset]
haystack: String
pattern: String - Format regex pattern
offset: Number - (Optional, default: 0) The offset has to be smaller then count haystack and >= 0
Return Value:
[[match1, offset1], [match2, offset2], ... [matchN, offsetN]]


Example 1:
"wooKie boOkie cookie" regexFind [".ookie/gio"] // [["wooKie",0],["boOkie",7],["cookie",14]]
Example 2:
"wooKie boOkie cookie" regexFind [".ookie/i"] // [["wooKie",0]]
Example 3:
"wooKie boOkie cookie" regexFind [".ookie/"] // [["wooKie",0],["boOkie",7],["cookie",14]]
Example 4:
Multiline example:"co1kie2 co2kie" regexFind ["^co.kie$"] // [["co1kie",0],["co2kie",8]]
Example 5:
"I'm a cookie clicker" regexFind ["c(.*?)k(.*?)e/i"] // [["cookie",6],["oo",7],["i",10]]
Example 6:
"I'm a cookie clicker" regexFind ["c(.*?)k(.*?)e"] // [["cookie",6],["oo",7],["i",10],["clicke",13],["lic",14],["",18]]

Additional Information

See also:
regexMatch regexReplace


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[[Category:Introduced with arma3dev version 2.05]][[ Category: arma3dev: New Scripting Commands | REGEXFIND]][[ Category: arma3dev: Scripting Commands | REGEXFIND]]