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|game1= arma3dev
|game1= arma3
|version1= 2.06
|version1= 2.05
|descr= Returns whether the ''haystack'' matches the ''pattern''.
|descr= Checks whether input matches the pattern.
|gr1= Strings - Regular Expression
|gr1= Regular Expression (Regex)
|s1= haystack [[regexMatch]] pattern
|s1= haystack [[{{PAGENAMEE}}]] pattern
|p1= haystack: [[String]]
|p1= haystack: [[String]]
|p2= pattern: [[String]] - in format [[Arma 3: Regular Expressions|regex pattern]]
|r1= [[Boolean]] - Returns [[true]] if match was found, otherwise [[false]]
|p2= pattern: [[String]] - Format [[:Category:Command Group: Regular Expression (Regex)|regex pattern]]
|x1= <sqf>"I'm a coOkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*cookie.*"; // true</sqf>
|x1= <code>"I'm a coOkIe clicker" [[{{PAGENAMEE}}]] ".*cookie.*" {{cc|true}}</code>
|x2= <sqf>"I'm a coOkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*cookie.*/"; // false, empty flags == case sensitive</sqf>
|x2= <code>"I'm a coOkIe clicker" [[{{PAGENAMEE}}]] ".*cookie.*/" {{cc|false, <nowiki>empty flags == case sensitive</nowiki>}}</code>
|x3= <sqf>forceUnicode 1;
"I'm a coÖkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*coökie.*";</sqf>
|x3= <code>[[forceUnicode]] 1;
|x4= <sqf>"Cookie clicker" regexMatch "cookie/i"; // false, pattern does not fully match the haystack</sqf>
"I'm a coÖkIe clicker" [[{{PAGENAMEE}}]] ".*coökie.*"</code>
|seealso= [[regexFind]] [[regexReplace]]
|seealso= [[regexFind]] [[regexReplace]]

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Returns whether the haystack matches the pattern.
Strings - Regular Expression


haystack regexMatch pattern
haystack: String
pattern: String - in format regex pattern
Return Value:
Boolean - Returns true if match was found, otherwise false


Example 1:
"I'm a coOkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*cookie.*"; // true
Example 2:
"I'm a coOkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*cookie.*/"; // false, empty flags == case sensitive
Example 3:
forceUnicode 1; "I'm a coÖkIe clicker" regexMatch ".*coökie.*";
Example 4:
"Cookie clicker" regexMatch "cookie/i"; // false, pattern does not fully match the haystack

Additional Information

See also:
regexFind regexReplace


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