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|r1= [[Array]]
|r1= [[Array]]
|x1= <code>_rotorForces = rotorsForcesRTD _taru// Returns [[-465.981,351.941,45960.5],[-469.079,397.451,46933.3]]</code>
|x1= <sqf>_rotorForces = rotorsForcesRTD _taru// Returns [[-465.981,351.941,45960.5],[-469.079,397.451,46933.3]]</sqf>
|seealso= [[rotorsRpmRTD]] [[weightRTD]] [[wingsForcesRTD]] [[airDensityRTD]]
|seealso= [[rotorsRpmRTD]] [[weightRTD]] [[wingsForcesRTD]] [[airDensityRTD]]

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Returns force produced by rotors.
Advanced Helicopter Flight Model
For this command to have any effect, the Advanced Flight Model (AFM) has to be enabled. AFM status can be checked with difficultyEnabledRTD.


rotorsForcesRTD RTD_helicopter
RTD_helicopter: Object
Return Value:


Example 1:
_rotorForces = rotorsForcesRTD _taru// Returns [[-465.981,351.941,45960.5],[-469.079,397.451,46933.3]]

Additional Information

See also:
rotorsRpmRTD weightRTD wingsForcesRTD airDensityRTD


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Posted on November 4, 2014 - 02:00 (UTC)
There is no official information I can find on what these values mean. According to my testing on the Mi-290 Taru, here is what I have come up with: [[rotor 1 roll +right/-left, rotor 1 pitch +down/-up, rotor 1 collective +up/-down], [rotor 2 roll +right/-left,rotor 2 pitch +down/-up,rotor 2 collective +up/-down]] When yawing left and right, rotor 1 and 2 collective differ from each other. This is normal behaviour with coaxial rotors. Yawing right increase rotor 1 collective and decreases rotor 2 collective. Yawing left does the opposite. Rotor 1 in this example seems to be the bottom rotor.