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[[Category:Scripting Commands|SETFLAGTEXTURE]]
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[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.97|SETFLAGTEXTURE]]
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[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.46|SETFLAGTEXTURE]]
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[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|SETFLAGTEXTURE]]

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flag setFlagTexture texture

Operand types:

flag: Object

texture: String

Type of returned value:



Set flag texture.
If texture is "", flag is not drawn.


flag1 setFlagTexture "usa_vlajka.pac"


Flashpoint comes with an addon called Flags.pbo which contains all the flags of the world.

You can find it in the addons folder.
To use a flag texture from there use:

flag1 setflagtexture "\flags\usa.jpg" ...... USA flag
flag1 setflagtexture "\flags\ussr.jpg" ...... USSR flag
flag1 setflagtexture "\flags\fia.jpg" ...... Resistance flag