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Set flag texture. If texture is "", flag is not drawn.
Custom texture can be used, as long as it is in *.jpg format, and has dimensions of 200px*200px.
The page Flag Textures shows which textures are available in each game. NOTE: In MP this command has to be executed where Flag Pole is local. If you add Flag Pole in the editor, it will be local to the server, so executing setFlagTexture on the server will change flag texture on all clients. The command is also persistent and is synchronised for JIP clients.


flag setFlagTexture texture
flag: Object
texture: String
Return Value:


Example 1:
_flagE setFlagTexture "\ca\misc\data\sever_vlajka.paa";
Example 2:
_flagW setFlagTexture "\ca\misc\data\usa_vlajka.paa";
Example 3:
flag1 setFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_red_CO.paa";

Additional Information

See also:
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Posted on November 23, 2014 - 20:56 (UTC)
Be very carful on MP servers with own textures. It seems that it is not enough to run local on server (e.g. via BIS_fnc_MP with [..,..,false,false]). Flags that are already in the game are no problem. But own textures (not important wether .jpg or .paa, I always prefer .jpg because they are much smaller) ONLY work when the mission is compressed into .pbo. That is important because many mission makers share and upload their missions as folders. Normally, that is no problem and works quite well, but in this special case, the server is not able to find the particular texture that is placed within a folder in the mission. That only works when mission is presented as .pbo. Failure: Warning Message: Cannot load texture mpmissions\v_02_[i_zg]uebungskarte.altis\pics\flags\flagge_aut.jpg. This you will get if mission is not uploaded as .pbo.