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This command does not add magazines to vehicle weapons that normally start with more than one magazine. It can however, remove these magazines.
A2:OA v1.59 - Magazines of vehicle turrets are also refilled by this command.
  • If you 'unit/vehicle setVehicleAmmo 0;' an unit/vehicle first, you cannot refill it with 'unit/vehicle setVehicleAmmo 1;'.
  • You need to execute where the unit is local.
  • You need to execute on the effectiveCommander of a vehicle.
  • In ArmA 3, using this command seems correctly rearm the vehicle and its turrets in all situations (tested with beta 0.72).
  • In ArmA 3, when using this on a player, this command can only reduce the number of magazine in relation to the current ammo quantity of the unit. For example if player has 8 magazines, player setVehicleAmmo 0.5; will leave unit with 4 mags. Executing player setVehicleAmmo 0.5; again will leave unit with 2 mags. player setVehicleAmmo 0.5; again -> 1 mag. player setVehicleAmmo 0; will remove all mags. If player had 10 mags with 30 bullets in each, player setVehicleAmmo 0.01; will leave player with loaded mag with 3 bullets in it (300 x 0.01 = 3)

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