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|x4= <code>[[if]] ([[side]] [[player]] != [[playerSide]]) [[then]] { [[hint]] "player is renegade or dead"; };</code> |EXAMPLE4=
|x4= <code>[[if]] ([[side]] [[player]] != [[playerSide]]) [[then]] { [[hint]] "player is renegade or dead"; };</code> |EXAMPLE4=
|x5= Check the [[side]] of the vehicle: <code>_vehicleSide = [[side]] [[group]] _vehicle; {{cc|[[sideUnknown]] if empty or dead [[crew]], otherwise the appropriate [[side]]}}</code> |EXAMPLE5=

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Returns the side of a unit, vehicle, object or location.
  • side of a renegade soldier is sideEnemy
  • side of an empty vehicle is civilian
  • side of a crewed vehicle is, if present, commander's > gunner's > driver's or > cargo's side, in this order
  • side of a captive or dead unit is civilian. Use Template:Inline code to get the underlying side (see Example 2)
  • you can use playerSide to know the real player's side


side object
object: Object, Group or Location
Return Value:


Example 1:
if (side player == west) then { hint "Player is on the West side" };
Example 2:
_sideAlsoWorkingForDead = side group _deadUnit;
Example 3:
_sideLocation = side myLocation;
Example 4:
if (side player != playerSide) then { hint "player is renegade or dead"; };
Example 5:
Check the side of the vehicle: _vehicleSide = side group _vehicle; // sideUnknown if empty or dead crew, otherwise the appropriate side

Additional Information

See also:
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In ArmA, the following objects are on side civilian: dead bodies and vehicles, empty vehicles, all mission editor placed objects (that do not have an inherit side), all objects with interactive components such as ladders and doors, man made structures such as buildings (including classless wrp placed objects), docks, high tension powerlines, see-saws, large rubbish bins, fountains. Basically if an object uses a non-simple damage or physics simulation it is likely to be on the civilian side.
NOTE: If you need to know the side of a dead body, you can use faction command as a workaround -- Killzone_Kid
In OFP v1.96, the side return value for a vehicle is based on the side of its commander, then gunner, then driver, then cargo. It will retain its side value until it is either empty, or a unit of another side takes over in a equal or higher role, irrespective of the side of other units still on board. This can be used to simulate friendly fire, as a vehicle can be made to appear to be an enemy even though all units on board are actually friendly.
As Ceeeb says above, in Arma 2, side for a vehicle often depends on who the command or driver is, for example, A KA52, piloted by a USMC guy will have side WEST. For an accurate result of what 'where the vehicle was made', use faction. This ignores the pilot/commander, so in my example here, this KA52 will always return faction "RU". Note that faction returns different values to side though.
February 4, 2011
Side values for ambient life (animals) are bizarre. Template:Inline code returns "CIV", but playerSide returns "AMBIENT LIFE" when the player is an animal. In that case, Template:Inline code returns false! Fortunately, you can easily check if a unit is an animal with Template:Inline code

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