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''&nbsp;while(true) do {''<br>
''&nbsp;'''skiptime''' 0.00333''<br>
''&nbsp;''&nbsp;'''skiptime''' 0.00333''<br>
''&nbsp;[[goto]] "loop"''<br>

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skipTime duration

Operand types:

duration: Number

Type of returned value:



Skip time in duration of hours.

Daytime is adjusted, weather change is estimated, no changes in any units are made.

The tide is also adjusted.


skipTime 5


Very useful function - great for giving a "campaign" feel to a running battle.

Try this in your init.sqs file:

 while(true) do {
  skiptime 0.00333

This will make each day pass in around 12 minutes - great fun watching sunsets and the night sky!

Not to be confused with accTime.

A useful piece of code that will enable the mission to skip forward to any given time, irrespective of what time it happens to be in the mission is:
skipTime (_timeToSkipTo - daytime + 24) % 24
See a % b

MP Note:

This command only has local effect. So only use this command in scripts which are running on all clients.