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|1.00|= Game version
|1.00|= Game version
|eff= local |= Effects in MP

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Skiptime duration is in hours. Daytime is adjusted, weather change is estimated, no changes are made in any units. The tide is also adjusted.


skipTime Hours
Hours: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:
skipTime 5

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Here is a very useful function - great for giving a "campaign" feel to a running battle. Try this in your init.sqs file: while(true) do { skiptime 0.00333 ~0.1 } This will make each day pass in around 12 minutes - great fun watching sunsets and the night sky!
skipTime is not to be confused with accTime.
Here is a useful piece of code that will enable the mission to skip forward to any given time, irrespective of what time it happens to be in the mission: skipTime (_timeToSkipTo - daytime + 24 ) % 24 See also: a % b
Posted on Feb 25, 2007
Note that time can also be skipped "backwards", ie. you can provide negative values and jump back in time.
Posted on March 21, 2007
One second is roughly 0.00026.
In ArmA, skipTime does not actually estimate weather changes beyond moving the clouds across the sky. Weather counters continue as if no time has passed.
In ArmA, setDate can be used instead of skiptime to change the time without the lower clouds jumping.
Posted on August 28, 2008
Always always always wrap any calculation in brackets. skipTime seconds*3600 will acutally only do skipTime seconds, skipTime (seconds*3600) will achieve the desired result

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