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Jumps the specified number of hours forward or backward.
The time of day and tides are adjusted, but no changes are made to any units. If present, the lower level of clouds instantly jump to the position they would be in if time had passed normally.
Even though the immediate effect of skipTime is only local, the new time will propagate through the network after 30 seconds or so.


skipTime duration
duration: Number - Hours to skip.
A positive value will create a forward time jump, a negative value will jump backwards.
One second is roughly 0.00026 hours.
Any calculations must be enclosed in parentheses, e.g. skipTime (_seconds/3600)
Return Value:


Example 1:
skipTime 5

Additional Information

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To simulate a smooth time-lapse effect (e.g. in cut-scenes), you can use the following code: while {true} do {skiptime 0.00333; sleep 0.1}
To skip forward to a specific time, irrespective of the current mission time, use: skipTime (_timeToSkipTo - daytime + 24 ) % 24
In ArmA & OFP, skipTime does not actually estimate weather changes beyond moving the clouds across the sky. Weather counters continue as if no time has passed. The setDate command can be used instead of skiptime to change the time without the visual give-away of the lower clouds jumping.

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