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| [[call_body|call function]], [[call_code|call code]], [[compile]], [[preprocessFileLineNumbers]], [[preprocessFile]], [[terminate]], [[scriptDone]] |= See also
| [[call]], [[compile]], [[preprocessFileLineNumbers]], [[preprocessFile]], [[terminate]], [[scriptDone]] |= See also

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Posted on 5 March, 2009
spawn cannot call other local functions on the same scope as itself.
It can, however, call other global functions: _addOne = {TST=TST+1}; TST_addOne = {TST=TST+1}; _add = { TST=TST+1; player sidechat format["added: %1",TST]; [] call _addOne; player sidechat format["called local: %1",TST]; [] call TST_addOne; player sidechat format["called global: %1",TST]; }; TST=0; [] call _add; [] spawn _add; (The call of _addOne from the spawned function does not do anything.)

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