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Retrieves list of given unit targets matching specified filter. If the filter is not specified, all targets are returned.
If a unit is provided, the unit itself will be excluded from results. If a group is provided, its units will be excluded (even if renegades).
Object Detection


unitOrGroup targets [enemyOnly, maxDistance, sides, maxAge, alternateCenter]
unitOrGroup: Object or Arma 3 logo black.png2.12 Group - unit or group which target knowledge is retrieved
enemyOnly: Boolean - (Optional) true to include only enemy targets, false to include all targets
maxDistance: Number - (Optional) max. distance based on target's expected position (distance is measured in 2D); use 0 to ignore the maxDistance filter
sides: Array - (Optional) array of accepted sides; use [] to ignore the side filter
maxAge: Number - (Optional) max. target age, targets that are known to unit for longer then maxAge are ignored; use 0 to ignore the maxAge filter
alternateCenter: Array - (Optional) alternate (2D or 3D) position used for distance check (distance is measured in 2D); if not specified unit position is being used
Return Value:
Array - unitOrGroup's targets matching the criteria


Example 1:
private _targets = _unit targets [false, 300, [east, sideEnemy]]; // all targets of east or renegade side in 300m
Example 2:
private _targets = _unit targets [true, 300]; // enemy targets in 300m
Example 3:
private _targets = _unit targets []; // all targets

Additional Information

See also:
targetsQuery nearTargets targetsAggregate targetKnowledge knowsAbout reveal forgetTarget setTargetAge getHideFrom side


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