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{{Command|= Comments ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| arma3dev |= Game name

|1.95|= Game version ____________________________________________________________________________________________

|[[File:ANSI.jpg|thumb|right|ISO-8859-1]Converts the supplied string to all lower case characters fast. ANSI in this case refers to ISO-8859-1 code page. For Unicode alternative see toLower.

Informative |DESCRIPTION= ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| toLowerANSI string |SYNTAX=

|p1= string: String - string to convert |PARAMETER1=

| String - all lower case string |RETURNVALUE= ____________________________________________________________________________________________

|x1= hint toLowerANSI "AaBb1"; // returns "aabb1"|EXAMPLE1= ____________________________________________________________________________________________

| toLower, toString, toArray, toUpper, toFixed |SEEALSO=



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