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Suspend execution of script for given UI time. uiSleep is a sleep method to delay script execution where script time/simulation time is stopped. uiSleep is basically using the system time (uiTime more specifically) and not simulation time. So in the cases where sleep would get stuck indefinitely, uiSleep can still be used to effectively delay script execution for example in pause or in a mission briefing or an editor or when simulation is paused in general.
Program Flow


uiSleep delay
delay: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:
In singleplayer:
setAccTime 0.25; // slows down time sleep 1; // waits for 1 second in-game, 4 IRL seconds (1 / 0.25) setAccTime 0; // freezes simulation // sleep 1; // would wait forever uiSleep 1; // waits for 1 IRL second

Additional Information

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