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Unassigns individual unit from a vehicle, i.e removes assignedVehicleRole of the unit. If the unit is currently in that vehicle, the group leader will issue an order to disembark.

  • Important is to understand the basic system first:
  1. addVehicle creates a vehicle pool for the AI group to use.
  2. leaveVehicle removes a vehicle from the pool (and makes AI disembark when in that vehicle).
  3. However there is also assignedVehicle. This is about the current vehicle in use essentially. The assignment happens via the various assignAsXXX/moveInXXX commands, or player/AI GL getIn radio commands, getIn waypoint, or when units start in vehicles or get moved in to a vehicle by Zeus/via Eden.
  4. So the idea of unassignVehicle is to remove the current vehicle in use.
  5. However as long as the vehicle is still part of the vehicle pool of the group the AI GL may order the AI to re-enter the vehicle immediately.
  6. To stop this from happening, one can use orderGetIn/allowGetIn false to (temporarily) disallow the AI from entering any vehicle.
  • If you use leaveVehicle on an AI group not in the vehicle, only the AI GL will get the vehicle removed from assignedVehicle. However when you now apply unassignVehicle on the whole group, it will stick/the AI GL not order to re-enter immediately - as the AI GL no longer has the vehicle in his pool for the group.
  • For player GL lead AI, the command removes the assignment. However it won't make the AI disembark the vehicle.
Object ManipulationUnit Control


unassignVehicle unitName
unitName: Object
Return Value:


Example 1:
unassignVehicle player;
Example 2:
{ unassignVehicle _x } forEach crew _vehiclenNme; Will make all the occupants of a vehicle disembark
Example 3:
{ unassignVehicle _x } forEach crew _vehicleName; crew _vehiclename allowGetIn false; Will make all the occupants of a vehicle disembark and stop them from getting back in

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