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(sqf example; note about current arma 3 output)
(This is incorrect, vehicle player == player is always false if player is in driver seat)
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<dl class="command_description">
<dl class="command_description">
<!-- Note Section BEGIN -->
<!-- Note Section BEGIN -->
<dd class="notedate">Posted on February 16, 2014
<dt class="note">'''[[User:Strangepete|Strangepete]]'''
<dd class="note">As of Arma 3, ( vehicle unit == unit ) is TRUE for units in the vehicle's Driver seat, IF vehicle not named manually in Editor.
Example 2 will return TRUE if vehicle pre-named in Editor; Example 2 will return FALSE if vehicle not pre-named, and player in Driver seat
<!-- Note Section END -->
<!-- Note Section END -->

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Introduced with Operation Flashpoint version 1.001.00
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Vehicle in which given unit is mounted. If none, unit is returned.


Object = vehicle unitName
unitName: Object
Return Value:


Example 1:
SQS ? vehicle player != player : hint "Player is in a vehicle"
Example 2:
SQF (see Notes)if ( vehicle player != player ) then { hint "Player is in a vehicle"; };

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