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Returns current vehicle move/turn info (a getter for sendSimpleCommand) in format [moveInfo, turnInfo]. Possible values:
moveInfo turnInfo
  • "FORMATION" - vehicle is stationary
  • "FORWARD" - vehicle is moving forward
  • "FAST" - vehicle is fast moving forward
  • "SLOW" - vehicle is slow moving forward
  • "STOP" - vehicle is stationary
  • "BACK" - vehicle is reversing
  • "DirectByComander"sic - keyboard pilot is used, i.e. player is in the vehicle and is the effectiveCommander pressing any driving key (WASD or arrows).
  • "LEFT" - vehicle is turning left (use "STOPTURNING" to cancel)
  • "RIGHT" - vehicle is turning right (use "STOPTURNING" to cancel)
  • "NONE" - vehicle is not turning (when script command is used)
  • "ABS" - vehicle is not turning (when keyboard pilot is used)
Object ManipulationUnit Control


vehicleMoveInfo vehicle
vehicle: Object
Return Value:
Array in format [moveInfo, turnInfo], where:
  • moveInfo: String - state of vehicle forward/backward movement (see description)
  • turnInfo: String - state of vehicle left/right turning (see description)


Example 1:

Additional Information

See also:
sendSimpleCommand useAISteeringComponent effectiveCommander setEffectiveCommander enableAI disableAI enableAIFeature


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