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[[Category:Scripting Commands|VELOCITY]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands OFP 1.96|VELOCITY]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands ArmA|VELOCITY]]
|game1= ofp
|version1= 1.80
<h2 style="color:#000066">'''velocity ''vehicle'''''</h2>
|game2= ofpe
|version2= 1.00
|game3= arma1
|version3= 1.00
'''Operand types:'''
|game4= arma2
|version4= 1.00
'''vehicle:''' [[Object]]
|game5= arma2oa
|version5= 1.50
'''Type of returned value:'''
|game6= tkoh
|version6= 1.00
|game7= arma3
|version7= 0.50
|gr1= Object Manipulation
Added in version '''1.80'''
|descr= Returns the velocity of the object as vector in m/s.
|s1= [[velocity]] object
Return velocity (speed vector) of vehicle as array '''[x, z, y]'''.
|p1= object: [[Object]]
|r1= [[Array]] - [[Vector3D]]
|x1= <code>_vector = [[velocity]] jeep;</code>
vector = '''velocity''' jeep
|x2= <code>[[if]] (([[velocity]] _plane1 [[select]] 2) > 50) [[then]] { [[hint]] "Aircraft is climbing up too fast!"; };</code>
|seealso= [[setVelocity]], [[velocityModelSpace]], [[setVelocityModelSpace]], [[setVelocityTransformation]], [[speed]]
_vehicle setVelocity [('''velocity''' _vehicle select 0)+(sin _dir*_speed),('''velocity''' _vehicle select 1)+(cos _dir*_speed),('''velocity''' _vehicle select 2)]

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Returns the velocity of the object as vector in m/s.
Object Manipulation


velocity object
object: Object
Return Value:
Array - Vector3D


Example 1:
_vector = velocity jeep;
Example 2:
if ((velocity _plane1 select 2) > 50) then { hint "Aircraft is climbing up too fast!"; };

Additional Information

See also:


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