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-benchmark is an OFP/ACWA startup parameter and is officially described as: Intended for automated benchmarking, but was never finished and is not working.
It can be manually launched but its only working feature is loading of a specific hardcoded mission file in Mission Editor.

To launch -benchmark it is required to:

  1. Launch OFP/ACWA
  2. Create a new profile named test
  3. Open Mission Editor on Malden island
  4. Save a mission file named benchmark
  5. You can switch to your original profile and exit the game
  6. Launch OFP/ACWA with -benchmark parameter. You should be directly in Mission Editor on Malden with opened benchmark.abel mission file.

As a side note:

  • Any saved missions in Mission Editor will be stored in OFP\Users\test\missions
  • OFP/ACWA launched with -benchmark parameter uses settings from the original profile
  • Once you close Mission Editor the game will switch to your original profile.

Details: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/177209-ofpcwa-facts-myths-findings-experiments-prototypes-tutorials/?do=findComment&comment=3360569