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Is an Operation Flashpoint launch option -profiles allows you to specify a specific location for player's profile files.

The syntax would be, for example,

C:\games\ArmA\arma.exe -profiles=c:\games\armaprofiles

Note: If the profile path contains spaces, the whole parameter should be enclosed by quotation marks:

c:\armed assault\ArmA.exe "-profiles=c:\armed assault\profiles"

The path defined in the argument can also be interpreted relative to the ArmA path:

 c:\arma\ArmA.exe -profiles=profiles

would use the folder c:\arma\profiles\Users\[playername], and

 c:\arma\ArmA.exe -profiles=.

would put the user profiles directly into the game folder (c:\arma\Users\[playername]).

The way this path is interpreted depends on the game version:

  1. V1.04 and before: reads the folder c:\games\armaprofiles\PlayerName
  2. V1.05 and later: reads the folder c:\games\armaprofiles\Users\PlayerName