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Addon editing consists of a few different domains:

Writing configs is required for almost any addon project. Only pure file replacement can be done without. Still the art of config editing is a very rare one. One of the reasons is the lacking documentation both from BI and the community. Another one is that the process even for seasoned and experienced persons is one of lot of experimenting, tweaking and testing - in other words time!

For this reason it is essential to have the best test setup available.

Armed Assault Reference Lists

This category contains the default packaged ArmA: Armed Assault: Reference Lists. If you are looking for the name of an object or a weapon these are the lists your looking for.

Addon Configuration Files

This category contains various configuration files for creating addons. Articles such has the various config references, config.cpp, and other helpful information. See Category: ArmA: Addon Configuration.


You will require some applications before you can begin.

  • PBO Utility
  • Text Editor