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See also ArmA: CfgVehicles for unnamed types.

Classname Full Name
ACamp Tent A
Camp Tent
CampEast Tent East
CampEastC Tent East C
CampEmpty Tent (Open)
Chair (doesn't seem to have a model in ArmA)
ChairX (doesn't seem to have a model in ArmA)
Fence Fence
FenceWood Wood Fence
FenceWoodPalet Wood Fence Palet
Fortress1 Fortress 1
Fortress2 Fortress 2
Grave Grave
GraveCross1 Grave Cross 1
GraveCross2 Grave Cross 2
GraveCrossHelmet Grave Cross Helmet
Heli_H_civil H (Civilian)
Heli_H_rescue H (Rescue)
HeliH H
HeliHEmpty H (Invisible)
Land_obihacka Training 4
Land_podlejzacka Crawling training
Land_prebehlavka Training 3
Land_prolejzacka Training 2
Land_zidka_branka Wall door
Land_zidka03 Wall hole
MASH Field Hospital
Shed Shed
ShedBig Large Shed
ShedSmall Small Shed
Table (doesn't seem to have a model in ArmA)
Tablemap (doesn't seem to have a model in ArmA)
Wall1 Wall
Wallend Wall end
Wire Wire
WireFence Fence barbedwire


Classname Full Name
BarrelBase -
Barrels Barrels
Barrel1 Barrel (red)
Barrel2 Barrel (brown)
Barrel3 Barrel (yellow)
Barrel4 Barrel (black)
Barrel5 Barrel (green)
Barrel6 Barrel (purple)
BlackhawkWreck UH60 Wreck
BMP2Wreck BMP2 Wreck
Body Body
Camera1 Camera
ClutterCutter Grass cutter
Computer Computer
Danger Danger!
DangerEAST Danger East
DangerGUE Danger Guerilla
DangerWest Danger West
datsun01Wreck Datsun Wreck 1
datsun02Wreck Datsun Wreck 2
Fire Fire
FireLit Fire (Lit)
FlagCarrier -
FlagCarrierNorth Flag (SLA)
FlagCarrierSouth Flag (RACS)
FlagCarrierWest Flag (US)
hiluxWreck Offroad Wreck
JeepWreck1 Jeep Wreck 1
JeepWreck2 Jeep Wreck 2
JeepWreck3 Jeep Wreck 3
Land_houpacka Swing
Land_kolotoc Carousel
Land_kulata_prolezacka Swingset
Land_ladder Ladder
Land_ladder_half Ladder Half
Land_maly_kolotoc Carousel small
Land_Piskoviste Sandpit
Land_radar Radar
M113Wreck M113 Wreck
PaletaBase -
Paleta1 Pallet A
Paleta2 Pallets
Radio Radio
TargetE Target E
TargetEpopup Pop-Up Target E
TargetGrenade Armored Target
TargetTraining Target
TVStudio TV Studio
UralWreck Ural Wreck
Vysilacka Radio (RT-254)
WallMap Map (Sahrani)
ZavoraAnim Bar gate

Ammo Boxes

Classname Full Name
AmmoBoxWest Ammo US
WeaponBoxWest Weapons US
SpecialBoxWest Special US
AmmoBoxEast Ammo SLA
WeaponBoxEast Weapons SLA
SpecialBoxEast Special SLA
AmmoBoxGuer Ammo RACS
WeaponBoxGuer Weapons RACS
SpecialBoxGuer Special RACS