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Unofficial, unsupported troubleshooting page for Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit.

This information is until now current with Patch: v1.08hotfix

Getting ArmA to run properly on Vista

  • Install all updates available from Windows Update
  • Install DirectX9/10 Redistributable (Links: Guru3d)
  • Install one of the latest ATI or Nvidia drivers available (Links ATI, NVIDIA and Guru3d)
  • Install Vista SP1 (when released) OR pre-SP1 hotfixes 940105, 936710, 938194 and 938979
  • Adjust ArmA shortcut to include -maxmem=512

Known Issues and Resolutions

64-bit Windows with 4GB RAM, black loading screen

This issue should be fixed in ArmA Beta Patch 1.15

If you are not comfortable installing beta patched and you prefer to wait for a regular patch released, you can try following workarounds meanwhile:

  • You can run windowed mode with the -windowed switch. (or use ArmaLauncher)
    • The resize arrows for the window do not appear but you can still adjust the size.
    • If you have issues adjusting the size or wish to manually set the windowed resolution, open your Arma.cfg file and manually set the values for winW and winH. Arma.cfg is located in %userprofile%\Documents\Arma\Arma.cfg
  • Fullscreen mode: Limit your System Memory to 3GB by a simple change of settings and a reboot:
    • Press windowskey+R, and run msconfig
    • At the boot tab, pick advanced options and put maximum memory to 3072
    • Reboot
    • You can also revert the setting by above method to get your full 4GB back
  • More methods might be listed soon, together with a method to get a selection screen at system boot up to pick "Normal Operation" and "Limited to 3GB"
  • You could add this selection by using command-line tool (administrator-privileges needed) BCDEdit with following commands:
    • bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Limited to 3GB"
    • bcdedit /set {Insert given new entry ID here} truncatememory 3221225472
  • More info on boot parameters available below, in the Related Links section

D3DX9_30.dll Not Found

  • Check above for the DirectX9/10 redistributable, this resolves this issue.

When shutting down the game, you get a bluescreen "Process has locked Pages"

  • This is a problem confirmed with X-Fi cards and their drivers. Driver Release 2.15.0004 or 2.15.0002 resolves this issue
  • Otherwise, You can add the startup parameter -dsound to ArmA Shortcut but other weird sound problems might arise in that case.

After a shortwhile I get weird textures and models

  • Make sure you have adjusted your startup shortcut to include -maxmem=512, in some cases it might be necessary to tweak it further back. Try 384.

Unable to connect to any servers, or game locks up when going to multiplayer list

  • Make sure your Windows Firewall allows ArmA.exe
  • Make sure that (if installed) other firewall applications allow ArmA.exe access
  • Make sure that your router/modem also allows ArmA's outgoing UDP ports towards the internet

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