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Server Voting

Documentation for server-side voting settings (since 1.39 DEV)

Global voting settings

Global voting settings are used if no voting threshold defined in allowedVoteCmds or/and allowedVotedAdminCmds

voteThreshold = <number>; // Percentage of votes needed to confirm a vote.
voteMissionPlayers = <number>; //Start mission-voting when X numberOfPlayers connect.


allowedVoteCmds[] = {{<commandName>, <preMissionStart>, <postMissionStart>, <votingThreshold>}, ...};, where:
  • <commandName>: String - name of the command, for example "admin"
  • <preMissionStart> (Optional): Boolean - true to allow command before mission start. Default: true
  • <postMissionStart> (Optional): Boolean - true to allow command after mission start. Default: true
  • <votingThreshold> (Optional): Number - voting threshold 0...1. Default: value assigned to voteThreshold param. Otherwise 0.5
Not using/specifying allowedVoteCmds[] param at all means every voting command is allowed!


allowedVoteCmds[] = {}; // voting is disabled (not a single command is allowed)


allowedVoteCmds[] = 
	{"admin"}, // will default to {"admin", true, true, 0.5}
	{"missions", true, false, 0.5}, // not available after mission start
	{"mission", true, true}, // will use global <tt>voteThreshold</tt>
	{"kick", false, false, 0.75}, // not available at all
	{"restart", true, true, -1}, // invalid threshold value. Will default to global <tt>voteThreshold</tt>
	{"reassign", false, true, 0.5} // not available before mission start


Definition of available commands for voted-in admins (this doesn't affect abilities of normal server admins)
allowedVotedAdminCmds[] = { { "CMD1", pre-init, post-init },{ "CMD2", pre-init, post-init }, ... ,{ "CMDn", pre-init, post-init }};

Second and third parameter are optional. If not specified otherwise, they are true by default. (pre-init means prior to mission start, post-init means after a mission started)

Not listing any command ( allowedVotedAdminCmds[] = {}; ) means such commands are disabled for voted-in admin.
Not specifing allowedVotedAdminCmds at all means everything is allowed anytime for voted-in admin!

Commands available for voted admins:

allowedVotedAdminCmds[] = 
	{"mission", true, true},
	{"missions", true, true},
	{"restart", true, true},
	{"reassign", true, true},
	{"kick", true, true}

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