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Zeus logic which provides access to the 3D real-time editor.



Unit with access to Zeus interface. Can be an object's variable name, player UID or you can use #adminLogged or #adminVoted to give access to the server admin. In singleplayer, player will automatically assume control of game master module when this field is left blank. Error message will also be displayed:

[BIS_fnc_moduleCurator] Curator owner not defined, player used instead in single player.


Custom name displayed for other players.

Default addons

Which addons (ie., object packs) will be available at the beginning. You can unlock more using the Manage Addons module.

  1. All addons (including unoffial ones)
  2. All official addons - Default
  3. Addons present in the scenario
  4. None

Forced Interface

Open the interface by default and prevent the player from closing it.

  1. Enabled
  2. Disabled - Default

Module Variables

All variable associated with this module. found with allVariables, accessed using:

_module getVariable "variableName";

  1. "BIS_fnc_moduleexecute_activate": Boolean
  2. "BIS_fnc_addcuratoricon_draw": Number
  3. "BIS_fnc_moduleinit_iscuratorplaced": Boolean
  4. "forced": Number - 0 (false) or 1 (true)
  5. "BIS_fnc_moduleinit_status": Boolean
  6. "BIS_fnc_initmodules_activate": Boolean
  7. "owner"
  8. "BIS_fnc_modulecuratorsetcamera_params": Array - [[3D Position],[Vector]] - Last position and vector of curator camera when leaving curator interface.
  9. "BIS_fnc_initmodules_priroty"sic: Number
  10. "birdtime": Number
  11. "BIS_fnc_moduleexecute_first": Boolean
  12. "clocktime": Number
  13. "addons": Number - Number index of Addons parameter.
    • 0: None
    • 1: Addons present in the scenario
    • 2: All official addons - Default
    • 3: All addons (including unofficial ones)
  14. "name": String - Same as Name parameter
  15. "bird": Object - Eagle that flies around curator camera. Example: 5: eagle.p3d
  16. "BIS_fnc_curatorvisionmodes_current": Number