Arma 3 Sound: SoundShader

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SoundShader is the lowest level of sound configuration. It contains the definition of sound files and basic set of parameters.

All SoundShaders have to be defined in the base class CfgSoundShaders.

For single SoundShader (SoundSet respectively), use sound files with the same sampling rate.
parameter unit/values default descriptions
sound {["path/sound",p], ...} none
  • array containing sound file name with paths and probability values (p), wav, wss, ogg are accepted file types, 16bit/44.1KHz wav converted to wss should always work fine
  • probability values are normalized to 1, in every case there is one sample selected
  • no immediate repeat (engine never selects the same sample twice in a row)
volume float (0..n) or [dBFS] 1 (= db0)
  • base volume value
  • use format dbx for decibels in dBFS (e.g. db-6 for -6 dBFS)
  • use float number to specify amplitude value directly
frequency (0.5..2) 1
  • base pitch value, 1 = no change
  • if shader is used in submix (more than one SoundShader in SoundSet), this parameter is currently ignored
range (0..n) [m] 0
  • radius of sphere (with center on sound source position) where sound is playing
rangeCurve {{d0, v0}, {d1, v1}, ... } or Class name none
  • array of points & corresponding amplitude multipliers or class name defined in cfgSoundCurves
  • if shader is not used in submix (meaning it's the only one SoundShader in SoundSet), this parameter is currently ignored
limitation bool false
  • adds SoundShader to the group of SoundShaders, where number of simultaneously playing SoundShaders will be limited (within single SoundSet)
class CfgSoundShaders
	class ACPC2_closeShot_SoundShader
		samples[] = 
			{ "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Acpc2\ACPC2_closeShot_01", 1 },
			{ "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Acpc2\ACPC2_closeShot_02", 1 },
			{ "A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons\Pistols\Acpc2\ACPC2_closeShot_03", 2 } // example: sample has a higher chance of being picked
		volume = db3; // additional gain, +3dB
		range = 50;
		rangeCurve = closeShotCurve; //classname of a curve, defined in cfgSoundCurves