Arma 3: Sound: cfgSoundCurves

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Instead of having to define many points every time you need to define a curve (for example for the rangeCurve in a SoundShader) you can use the class CfgSoundCurves to define specific sound curves and then just use the names of these soundCurves in your sound configurations. Let's look at an example CfgSoundCurves entry: class CfgSoundCurves { class closureVolumeCurve { points[] = { {0.0,1.0}, {0.5,0.7}, {1.0,0.0} }; }; }; This entry uses relative distance values (0=0m, 1=maximum range) and is called "closureVolumeCurve". So in an example SoundShader we can use: rangeCurve = closureVolumeCurve because we have defined it in cfgSoundCurves.