Eden Editor: Configuring User Interface

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Class IDD
class Display3DEN {}; 313
class Display3DENCopy {}; 319
class Display3DENEditAttributes {}; 315
class Display3DENEditAttributesIntel {}; 315
class Display3DENEditAttributesPreview {}; 315
class Display3DENEditComposition {}; 317
class Display3DENHostSettings {}; "IDD_HOST_SETTINGS"
class Display3DENMsgBox {}; -1
class Display3DENNew {}; 316
class Display3DENRename {}; 320
class Display3DENRequiredAddons {}; 322
class Display3DENSave {}; 314
class Display3DENSaveComposition {}; 317
class Display3DENTutorial {}; 318
class Display3DENUpdates {}; 330


class ctrlActivePicture;
class ctrlActivePictureKeepAspect;
class ctrlActiveText;
class ctrlButton;
class ctrlButtonCancel;
class ctrlButtonClose;
class ctrlButtonFilter;
class ctrlButtonOK;
class ctrlButtonPicture;
class ctrlButtonPictureKeepAspect;
class ctrlButtonSearch;
class ctrlButtonToolbar;
class ctrlCheckbox;
class ctrlCheckboxBaseline;
class ctrlCheckboxes;
class ctrlCheckboxToolbar;
class ctrlCombo;
class ctrlComboToolbar;
class ctrlControlsGroup;
class ctrlControlsGroupHighlight;
class ctrlControlsGroupNoHScrollbars;
class ctrlControlsGroupNoScrollbars;
class ctrlControlsGroupNoVScrollbars;
class ctrlControlsGroupTutorial;
class ctrlDefault;
class ctrlDefaultButton;
class ctrlDefaultText;
class ctrlEdit;
class ctrlEditMulti;
class ctrlHTML;
class ctrlListbox;
class ctrlListNBox;
class ctrlMap;
class ctrlMapEmpty;
class ctrlMapMain;
class ctrlMenu;
class ctrlMenuStrip;
class ctrlObject;
class ctrlObjectContainer;
class ctrlObjectZoom;
class ctrlProgress;
class ctrlShortcutButton;
class ctrlSliderH;
class ctrlSliderV;
class ctrlStatic;
class ctrlStaticBackground;
class ctrlStaticBackgroundDisable;
class ctrlStaticBackgroundDisableTiles;
class ctrlStaticFooter;
class ctrlStaticFrame;
class ctrlStaticLine;
class ctrlStaticMulti;
class ctrlStaticOverlay;
class ctrlStaticPicture;
class ctrlStaticPictureKeepAspect;
class ctrlStaticPictureTile;
class ctrlStaticTitle;
class ctrlStructuredText;
class ctrlToolbox;
class ctrlToolboxPicture;
class ctrlToolboxPictureKeepAspect;
class ctrlTree;
class ctrlXListbox;
class ctrlXSliderH;
class ctrlXSliderV;